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felLogoAt FELBright & Co, we always go beyond merely expressing an audit opinion on the financial statements. Our methodology is always looking to strengthen audit quality in line with the changing expectations of our clients, their stakeholders and regulatory authorities. We have long pursued this objective through the continuous assessment of our audit procedures and processes, making sure that they remain as robust as possible and that they keep pace with the latest requirements.

Our Quality Control Policy compels us to conduct our audits in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and also support clients in complying with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and regulatory requirements. The most recent evolution of our audit process is an acknowledgement of and response to the need for accounting entities in particular to demonstrate maximum credibility and transparency in their reporting. At the same time, this meets with FELBright & Co’s goal of conformity to provide independent, rigorous and high quality audits

We are motivated by the commitment to provide value added services beyond our clients’ satisfaction as each client’s needs provide an opportunity for blending our diverse knowledge and experiences to deliver unique yet reliable solutions. Our staffs are guided by a rich culture that fosters the following values:

  1. reliability
  2. integrity
  3. respect for diversity.

Thus at M/s FELBright & Co, we pledge to bring to bear our experience in the audit services through constructive criticism from an outsider perspective as part of the audit. The team we have assembled has enormous experience in the in accounting, audit and financial management.

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